L.J. Wackett’s Moulding Die

Wackett mould

A moulding die with two handles, used by Wackett and later by Wigram to mould fly bodies using thermo-plastic material. Wackett gives a detailed description of the use of this item in his book “Studies of an Angler”, published 1950.

Wackett was an innovator and had fly moulds made – by Dan McDonald from an alloy called kirksite. A wax mould was made first – then a brass template and then the shape was engraved into the block.

Wackett wrote in ‘Studies of an Angler’ – 1950;
“I have supplied a number to two men who enjoy the reputations of being the leading anglers in Australasia. They assure me they have tried them out thoroughly, in competition with conventional flies, and are convinced that they are superior to all other types which they have used.”

Wigram wrote in The Uncertain Trout
“I have used these flies. If they were obtainable commercially there would be no need to use any others.”

There were four or five different moulds.