News March 2014

The Museum has now been open for quite a while and there have been many developments. It has been a well-considered and non-rushed approach since opening, but a lot has been achieved.
The displays are beautiful and get great comments from anglers, artists and non-fishers. It seems we got most things ‘right’. Most of this can be attributed to Rhonda Hamilton who curated the opening.
However, whilst these initial displays have not changed much we have not been idle. Andrew Braithwaite has come on board as the Collections Manager and manages the process of accession, archiving and describing objects. His attention to detail has been outstanding and his contribution enormous. Every item we have is recorded and if not on display it is available. If you want to know about any item we have, or perhaps you have something to donate please call Andrew on 0428876145.
Recent contributions have been a collection of books from the late Frank Bond, donated by his wife Helen. This collection of over 50 books contains a cross section on Australian fly fishing that was Frank’s reference and reading over many years.
Frank fished the Shannon Rise with Dick Wigram, and was mates with many our Australia’s early fly fishing pioneers. His son Andrew is also a keen fly fisher, and rather than keep the books for himself recognised the value of sharing with many. Thank you Andrew.
The Victorian Fly Fishers Association has loaned a significant piece of their history. This is the Jack Ritchie cabinet and features some beautiful old gear.
Another significant donation is from Hardy ‘Hall of Fame’ angler and Victorian David Featherstone. ‘Feathery’ as he is mostly known has had a passion for chasing large trout for most of his 83 years. Lakes Eucumbene and Eildon were targets and his successes foe excessive sized trout have been donated for display.
The way in which these large trout are displayed is yet to be decided. They are a great addition. David also donated a huge range of flies tied by Fred Craker. There must be thousands – all in a case with pull out drawers. Displaying these is a challenge and perhaps you will see something innovative here.

Website and shop
We will add a shop so items can be purchased, but more on that later.
For purchase we have three different canvas bags, lapel badges, boxed fly selections, several books, wine and champagne glasses and T-shirts. A few other items are planned, but these will progress slowly.
On the website we will also be adding some of our top Museum items, which Andrew Braithwaite is undertaking at the moment. Items such as the Wackett fly mould, BSA Bantam, Gillies dinghy and other items will be featured for all to see.

Casting pool
A casting pool is under investigation and this project is being progressed by Charles Peck. Charles won a Tasmanian casting championship in 1955 and then another in 2005. Charles has great connection in regard to planning and surveying the site. It would be grand if this progresses and it does look very positive.
In all likelihood the pool will also be used as a juniors fishout pond. The Inland Fisheries Service committed fish to this if the Museum chooses this approach.

Future displays
Future displays are also under discussion – and if there is something significant you would like to see please let us know.
Red hackle small
The Clarendon Photography Competition
The Clarendon Photography Competition and Exhibition has kicked off and you can see the details of this on the website. The basics are the Museum supplies a Red Hackle fly, which must form part of the photo entered for the competition.
The exhibition will open 2 May and hang for about 6 weeks. This will be a stunning exhibition and you may like to put that on your calendar. Please email if you would like an invitation.
This is an amazing opportunity for both professional and amateur photographers alike to tap into their creative juices!*
Winner $1500 cash
Second $500
Third $250
Peoples Choice $250
Photographs must include the Red Hackle fly – supplied by the Australian Fly Fishing Museum, after registration is received.
Photos must be high quality (preferably no less than 5 megapixels) and suitable for viewing by the general public at exhibition.
To enter – complete the registration form via download on the website and submit with payment of $30 no later than 25th March, 2014. Upon receipt of payment the AFFM will post the entrant a Red Hackle fly. Photos must be submitted by 11 April.

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